Paris 1900 new exhibition shows the city at a magical time

Publish on Sunday, 27 April 2014
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Paris 1900 new exhibition shows you an astonishing and lively time in the history of Paris, and it's all an easy journey from your home-from-home in the French capital, Hotel Beaugrenelle.

Paris 1900 new exhibition is a unique experience

The year 1900 in Paris was the height of the period known as the Belle Epoque, an extravagant style that still defines the Paris that we know today. The Universal Exhibition of 1900 showed off the culture of the city to an eager world.

Now the Petit Palais - literally the "little palace" and built for the Universal Exhibition - hosts, until 17 August, an eye-opening show that takes you back to that time. Set over six pavilions, visitors are transported to an era when optimism for all that the 20th century might hold was at its height. Artists like Matisse and Renoir were changing the face of art, while great engineers were changing the face of their city.

More than 600 exhibits - jewellery and paintings, costumes and film, furniture and sculpture - are painstakingly arranged and gathered in once place for the first time. Paris 1900 is a show that will change your view of the city that you will once again experience as you walk out of the grand doors of the Petit Palais, and one that will remain in your mind for a very long time.

Paris 1900 new exhibition is highly recommended by Hotel Beaugrenelle

At Hotel Beaugrenelle, close to the Eiffel Tower, we're an easy half hour's Metro journey, or a beautiful 40-minute walk, from the Petit Palais and this fascinating show. We're delighted to suggest a visit to the Paris 1900 exhibition to you, because it shows an extraordinary period in the history of the city that we love. We will be pleased to help you book your tickets and to recommend the best times to visit - and of course we're always here with a warm welcome on your next visit to Paris.




Picture copyright holder "Le Petit Palais" : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand


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